Internal Projects

Internal Projects

Developing 6 new self-study online open courses (SLOOC) (Palestine and the Palestinian Cause, the Arab World and Contemporary Challenges, and the Islamic Culture).

French Language Diploma

Developing 4 new e-courses within the French language diploma project, so that there are (8) courses out of (12) courses.

Developing Rahoul Game

Developing Rahoul, an educational computer game and application for learning basic computer and internet skills, and the most significant software features. It targets academics, students, and the local community.

Developing a crossword puzzle game

Developing a crossword puzzle game using educational gaming technique. This game has been introduced as one of self-evaluation tools in smart courses.

A Labyrinth of Knowledge Game

Creating a Labyrinth of Knowledge Game, an educational game in which the player can learn while having enjoyment, fun, excitement, and suspense. It aims to improve the learner’s abilities, knowledge and enhance motivation and the desire to learn about diverse topics.

The Interactive Map Of Palestine

Creating the interactive map of Palestine, which will serve as a unique interactive reference for Palestinian literature from 1850 AD to 2000 AD.

Unifying visual identity of e-learning platforms

Unifying visual identity of e-learning platforms and services, in cooperation with the Information and Communications Technology Center, to re-design the university’s websites and platforms under a unified and user-friendly visual brand.

Digital Content Framework

Creating a Digital Content Framework that is simple to use in different contexts, and works on PCs, tablets, and smart phones.

Developing self-learning Open Online Courses

Developing self-learning Open Online Courses. This project aims to develop and design curriculum for university programmes in a smart learning environment that is in line with educational goals and with the needs of the digital generation, and published as Open Educational Resources (OER).

Online Courses

Developing (4) open online courses, namely: Learn How to Learn, Arabic 1, History of Jerusalem, and Strategic Management. The courses were published to all learners around the world through the university’s digital content repository and Google Play store for mobile applications.

Enterprise Digital Content Repository

Establishment of the institutional digital content repository for Al-Quds Open University (Osoul) 2014-2015, including data processing, metadata standards, and Creative Commons licenses. The repository contains thousands of digital learning resources and research papers. The repository has been upgraded and an enterprise data management policy created within the Erasmus plus Romer project.